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At a Post-Jobs Apple, Culture Shock Is Certain

It's a new day at Apple. The transition from a dynamic leader like Steve Jobs to a new generation at the helm of the iGiant will change the culture. Not in a year, not even in five -- but before you know it, we'll be talking about Apple in the "good old days" back when Jobs ran things.

Dell Earnings Powers Up on Strong Corporate Demand

Computer maker Dell reported better-than-expected earnings of $629 million, or 32 cents per share, excluding charges. A key driver for the gain was rising commercial demand for its enterprise solutions.

Legal Briefing: Dell Settles with the SEC for $100 Million

According to the SEC lawsuit that Dell just settled for $100 million, Dell cooked its books from 2002 to 2006 by using "exclusivity" payments from Intel totaling $4.3 billion to inflate its revenue numbers and otherwise fraudulently meet Wall Street analysts' expectations.

The 10 Biggest Brand Disasters of 2010

It's been a rough year for those in the branding business at big corporations. SEC investigations, massive product recalls and oil spills have taken a toll on the reputations, as well as the stock prices,of some of America's most well-known companies. Here are ten of the biggest disasters so far this year.

Will Michael Dell Really Take His Company Private?

Michael Dell said he has considered taking his company private. But a leveraged buyout of the computer maker would be an enormous undertaking -- amounting to perhaps $39 billion. Here are some factors to consider in seeing if a buyout is feasible.