Slackening Copper Demand in China Hurts Commodities Investors

Many small investors have recently piled into commodities, especially copper, on the assumption that ever-growing demand from developing countries would keep sending prices skyward. Now they are learning a drop in demand is also possible, and prices have been plummeting.

Will Peruvian Politics Shake Mining and Energy Investments?

Political upsets in Peruvian regional elections could indicate a national shift to the left -- and some business leaders worry that could discourage foreign investment in the country, which has rich natural resources such as oil, gas and gold.

Gold Reaches Record High, Could Hit $1,300 This Year

Gold prices hit a record high Tuesday and may reach a record $1,300 an ounce later this year as investors fearing debt crises and potential inflation from interest rate cuts may put more of their money into the precious metal.