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BofA-SEC Deal Gets a Grudging OK in Court

Calling it "half-baked justice," District Court Judge Jed Rakoff nonetheless approved Bank of America's $150 million settlement with the SEC. It ends the government's pursuit of BofA over the Merrill Lynch merger, but it doesn't protect the bank from other lawsuits.

Citigroup May Ask $10 billion for Private Equity Arm

Citigroup (C) may sell its private equity operations, Citi Private Equity, for $10 billion. The reason for the sale is simple. Citigroup is still trying to rebuild its troubled balance sheet and the $10 billion would come in handy. Of course, getting $10 billion may be easier said than done.

Bank of America's New CEO Takes the Reins

Brian Moynihan seems keen to show the world that he's in charge of Bank of America. In his first public speech as head of the largest U.S. bank, the BofA insider says the industry is 'ready to move forward' after learning "tough lessons."

Will We Get to Dow 11,500 in 2010?

As easy as it was to be bearish in 2009, it sure didn't pay. The markets have produced stellar gains that were inconceivable back in March. And while some may suggest that we're in another bubble, there's ample reason to think stocks can climb even higher through 2010 before going pop.

Congress zeroes in on Ken Lewis

It's the story of the preacher and the banker and the once-venerable financial services firm. Congressman Edolphus "Ed" Towns, chairman of the House...

Does the B in BofA mean Bull?

Bank of America Corp. (BAC) Chief Executive Kenneth Lewis could probably convince Eskimos to borrow money to buy ice. The loquacious Lewis has been...

Merrill paid huge bonuses and it's OK

Merrill Lynch and Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) are about to come in for some more criticism. The Wall Street Journal reports that several senior...

Merrill Lynch: Pay it back, baby?

President Barack Obama called it "shameful." Senator Christopher Dodd says he knows what we're all thinking: "this infuriates the American people,...