Sybase Will Help SAP in Its War with Oracle

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison delights in taunting rival SAP, but German enterprise software giant SAP stands to be a stronger competitor with its $5.8 billion deal for software maker Sybase.

A New Frontier as Two Airlines Are Re-Branded

It's another major change for the U.S. airline industry, as two popular regional carriers merge: Denver-based Frontier and Milwaukee's Midwest are now Frontier Airlines. The news was met with wild applause, cheers and tears of relief from several hundred Frontier employees assembled.

Mergers Could Keep Airline Stocks Flying High

A report that United Airlines and U.S. Airways were in merger talks set off a flurry of trading. Just the hint of more consolidation in the overcrowded airline industry, with its high operations costs and notoriously low profit margins, was enough for traders to pounce at the opportunity to get ahead of a move they hope will lead to higher ticket prices and lower overall operating costs industrywide.

American and Continental: The Next Airline Merger?

With US Airways and United in merger talks and Delta-Northwest already combined, that would American and Continental as the last giants standing alone. No airline merger is easy, but this possibility has some particularly appealing aspects.

Fertilizer Leader Yara Plunks Down $4.1 Billion for Terra

Dealmaking in the fertilizer business can get surprisingly complex. In January, CF Industries dropped its hostile attempt to acquire Terra Industries. That left CF vulnerable to a hostile bid from Agrium. But it also gave market leader Yara International a chance to strike its own deal with Terra.

Insurers Feeling the Urge to Merge in 2010

Mergers and acquisitions will dominate the insurance and reinsurance market next year. The industry will fuel its urge to merge with balance sheets rehabilitated over the past year.

Exxon Launches Energy's Next Mega-Trend

The industry is poised for yet another revolution, triggered by ExxonMobil's $41 billion purchase of XTO. It's a clear sign that future growth in extractive energy will come from sources other than oil -- such as natural gas. Expect other oil majors to follow suit.

Somehow I Knew He'd Say This...

There's something in the air, and as usual, these days, it's a merger. It's looking very likely that Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines are going...