medicare premiums

Medical Premiums Could Rise for Many Retirees

In the fiscal cliff standoff, President Obama and John Boehner agree on one thing: expanding a current, little-known law so more retirees the government considers well-off are required to pay higher Medicare premiums.

Report: Premium Hikes for Top Medicare Drug Plans

Millions of seniors enrolled in some of the most popular Medicare prescription drug plans face double-digit premium hikes next year if they don't shop for a better deal, says a private firm that analyzes the highly competitive market.

The Latest Lie About Obamacare: Medicare Premiums Will Soar!

Recently, DailyFinance has explored several myths and rumours about how the health care reform law will effect average Americans -- some false, some true. But the latest piece of propaganda to make the rounds from the anti-Obamacare crowd is a real whopper.