Will Federal Health Care Costs Cripple Deficit-Cutting?

By some calculations, the Obama plan will help trim future budget gaps, but by others it'll only make things worse. The problem is, at this point no one knows for sure, and that makes sensible spending choices even harder to make now.

What's at Stake in the Census 2010 Count? Plenty

The U.S. Census Bureau is pushing residents to mail Census 2010 forms back ahead of the April 1 deadline. States could stand to lose an average of $1,400 for each person not counted and taxpayers could lose $1.5 billion in costs associated with tracking down those who fail to send in the forms by mail.

Too Much Hope? Why Obama's Budget Is Unrealistic

The $3.8 trillion spending plan combines overly rosy projections of rapidly rising tax revenues with skyrocketing outlays in defense, entitlements and other mandatory spending, creating structural deficits above $1 trillion for a long time. Ending Bush-era tax cuts on the rich won't change that reality.

Is Fee-for-Service What Ails the Health Care System?

Evidence suggests that the reason Americans pay so much for health care is the fee-for-service model at the heart of all our insurance programs. Simply put, our system gives patients no reason to pay attention to costs, and providers every reason to pad the bill.