Do celebs influence tax policy?

When Clark Gable famously took off his shirt in the 1934 film, It Happened One Night, to reveal a bare chest, sales of undershirts reportedly...

Tea Party Faithful Weren't Feeling the Love in Philadelphia

To say the Tea Party faithful were not feeling the love Thursday in Philadelphia's Love Park would be an understatement. The park features Robert Indiana's famous sculpture that spells out "L-O-V-E" in bold red letters. Across the street is Philadelphia's City Hall, topped with the statue of William Penn that has looked down on the City of Brotherly Love for generations. Independence Hall, where the founding fathers crafted our system of government that has never been equaled, is nearby. It was quite a locale for citizens to vent their frustrations about the federal government, and vent they did.

Court Removes Limits on Corporate Campaigning

The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down two long-standing limits on corporate spending in U.S. political campaigns by a 5-4 vote. Companies can now use money from their general treasuries to pay for political ads.

Animals & Money: The All-American mutt

The Obama family has officially announced that they'll be getting an all-American mutt -- or at least a rescue dog. After Barack Obama and his wife...