Bin Laden's Death Lifts Dollar, U.S. Stock Futures

The dollar and U.S. stock futures rose following President Barack Obama's announcement late Sunday night that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. Analysts said the boost to the currency was a signal of greater confidence in the United States and a reduction in national security risks.

Unemployment Rate Falls,
but Stocks Slip on Oil

During a volatile week, stocks bounced between Mideast turmoil and generally strong economic reports. Even with the jobless rate's surprising drop, equities ended on a down note. Still, stocks eked out a tiny overall gain on the week.

Does It Matter That a German Exchange May Control the NYSE?

The fabled New York Stock Exchange isn't what it used to be. Today's NYSE Euronext has lost a huge volume of trading to upstart computerized exchanges in recent years, and scandals have tarnished its luster. Now, Germany's Deutsche Boerse wants to buy control of it. I say: "Sell!"

Wall Street Will Be Listening Closely to Obama

Traders will be reading between the president's lines to see what the administration's new approach means for business and the market. And given stocks's steady rise for the past eight weeks, profit-taking and choppy action should be no surprise.

Treasury Yields Rise on Optimism About World Economy

Treasury yields hit a six-month high Monday on optimism about the world economy and concern about the U.S. deficit. Yields have been steadying climbing as investors bet that a stronger world economy will lead to higher interest rates, Reuters reported.

Dow, S&P 500 Post Best Monthly Gains in a Year

Some robust blue-chip earnings and an improvement in consumer sentiment helped stocks shrug off a disappointing reading on economic growth to end mixed Friday -- but the market still enjoyed its biggest monthly gain in a year.

A Strong Week for Stocks,
With Caveats

This week's rally was welcome -- the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all tacked on about 5% in the last four days. But there's not much to read into the action because so many traders are still on vacation from the July 4 holiday.

China Says It Won't Bail on Europe; Stocks Soar

China's denial that it was rethinking the viability of its investments in eurozone bonds led to a collective sigh of relief around the world and sent stocks soaring on Thursday. But don't be fooled: Europe's gain might come at the expense of the U.S.

As a Solid First Quarter Ends, What's Next for Stocks?

At this rate, the S&P 500 is on pace to gain 14% for the year. But as traders look to the second quarter, it's becoming increasingly difficult to square the undeniable V-shaped recovery in global corporate profits with the anything-but-robust recoveries in the developed world.

Traders to Obama: Time to Work on the Economy

With the most sweeping and controversial overhaul of health care insurance in 40 years now firmly behind the market, some traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange say the White House needs to refocus on the fundamentals of economic growth.

Will U.S. Markets Keep Sliding on Greece?

Here's hoping traders return from their long weekend too relaxed, refreshed or hungover to make any sudden moves. Heaven knows the equity markets have been volatile enough lately. And with sovereign-debt fears likely to weigh on traders' minds in the days ahead, don't be surprised if the market keeps trembling.

Dollar Rallies, Stocks Strain. Flight to Safety Back On?

As the Dow nears 10,000, the remarkable thing is that U.S. equity markets are holding up as well as they are. The jobs data may be grabbing the headlines, but the real news is the euro has caught swine flu. That's what's got the dollar rising -- and stocks tanking.