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Is There an Enron SItting In Your Portfolio?

Enron may be the most infamous, but it's just one of many instances of financial chicanery in recent corporate history. Examples of such shenanigans are rich, ripe, and recurring, right up to the present. Learning to spot potential black holes -- which we'll help you do in this series -- will allow you to avoid bad investments and purge your portfolio of ticking time bombs.

Where Are All the Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures?

The residential real estate market is drowning in foreclosures, and the problem is broadening and worsening. Similar bad loans have been made in commercial real estate, so why isn't there a comparable flood of commercial foreclosures? Here's why.

HSBC: Banks have a pulse

As the results of the government's bank "stress test" approach, a number of the financial firms are concerned about how they will raise money if they...