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Celebrity Memorabilia Takes a Starring Role Again

Showbiz memorabilia had its closeup in the past few weeks, with items made famous by Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Judy Garland fetching an over-the-rainbow prices at auction. Why are people compelled to buy these items, and who's drawing the biggest bucks? Read on...

Daily Blogwatch: What Marilyn Monroe's Chest X-Rays Are Worth

Some of the best reads for investors from around the Web, including posts about the Standard & Poor's 500 reaching its lowest price-per-earnings ratio ever, a biotech stock with the potential to quintuple in value and the market price of Marilyn Monroe's chest and pelvis X-rays.

X-Rays of Marilyn Monroe's Chest Sold for $45,000

A set of X-rays of Marilyn Monroe's chest was sold for $45,000 at an auction in Las Vegas. The X-rays, which were taken during a 1954 hospital visit, were sold at a movie memorabilia auction at Planet Hollywood, the BBC reported. The pre-sale estimate was a mere $3,000. A chair from the star's final photo shoot was purchased for $35,000.