Black Friday: Boutique Shopping

If you think only massive stores offer Black Friday shopping deals, think again. Small shops, boutiques and mom and pops, offer ways to save and...

Simon Property Group: A Mall REIT That Won't Quit

Despite the dire warnings about commercial real estate, REITs have been on a roll. And Simon Property Group -- one of the world's largest mall owners -- is now highly favored by some investors who see it as the big winner if economic rebound gains strength.

Largest Ever U.S. Mall Complex May Never Open

Xanadu, the gargantuan New Jersey entertainment retail complex, could be toast. Less than a year ago, analysts were arguing that the project was "too big to fail," but the state of New Jersey may be considering a move to seize the land as the developer struggles to find new financiers.

Who will save the mall? Teens -- duh.

The battles never seem to let up for the American institution that is the mall. Like everyone else in the retail world, they've got ups and downs...

The new ghost town: Your local mall

The era of the frugal consumer continues. Yet another tell-tale stat of the restructuring under way in the U.S. economy: consumer spending (or lack...

It's a bad time to be a mallrat!

I don't like to brag about past achievements, but sometimes I just have to flash my cultural credentials. You see, I'm a pioneer.

Growing up in...