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ESPN's Big Baseball Deal Will Be a Foul Ball for Your Cable Bill

Disney's eight-year deal with Major League Baseball means ESPN will shell out $5.6 billion for expanded baseball coverage. And whether you're a fan of the national pastime or not, you already pay more than $5 a month for ESPN. Which way do you think that price tag will be headed now?

MLB Soars to 30,000 Feet with In-Flight Live Streaming

Take me up to the ball game -- thanks to a new offering from broadband provider Row 44, baseball fanatics won't have to miss one tobacco spit or big hit while flying, because Major League Baseball will stream games to airline passengers' WiFi devices.

How to Score Cheap Baseball Tickets This Summer

Between the growing secondary market (i.e. online scalping sites) and the burning desire of baseball teams to lure fans back into the stadiums, it's easier than ever to catch some major league bargains. DailyFinance has your guide to where the deals are.

Baseball Makes a Mighty Pitch in China and Africa

Major League Baseball's worldwide spread is facing slow going in China and Africa. But America's favorite pastime is working hard to find friends in both areas, starting with footholds in Taiwan and South Africa. MLB is clearly keeping its eye on the ball overseas.

Nolan Ryan Beats Out Mark Cuban, Wins Texas Rangers

Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan holds the Major League Baseball record for career strikeouts, with 5,714. But he may have made his best pitch yet early Thursday morning when his group threw out a $385 million cash offer for the Texas Rangers and beat out techie and Dallas Mavericks basketball team owner Mark Cuban.

High-Tech 'RoboGlove' Saves Major League Hands

Baseball's hottest rookie is the XProTeX glove, which its creator says can diffuse the blow of a 100-mile-per-hour fastball to a 39 mph blooper pitch. "RoboGlove" could save millions for Major League Baseball teams, which each lost an average of 200 player days to disability last year.

Major League grass for sale

Fans who can't afford to make it to the ballpark this spring can bring the ballpark to them. The turf company Scotts, now an official partner of...

Yankees fan sues over steroids

Matthew Mitchell, a fan who has been going to New York Yankees games since 1984, is suing the team over the steroids scandal that pointed the finger...