BusinessWeek Prepares for Second Round of Layoffs

The other shoe is about to drop at BusinessWeek. Shortly after taking over the magazine, business news giant Bloomberg pruned its staff by a reported 30%, and made it known that another round of downsizing would come sometime before May. Sources say that round will commence on Thursday.

Magazine subscription sale at Amazon

Amazon is having another huge magazine subscription sale. You can buy then as a gift, for yourself, or as a renewal. Here are some of the magazines...

Dow Jones Buys Other Half of SmartMoney

Dow Jones and Co., a unit of News Corp., announced Tuesday that it is buying out Hearst's 50% stake in SmartMoney, making Dow Jones the sole owner of the personal finance magazine.

Magazine Day Is Here! But Is Anyone Buying?

A San Francisco businessman and futurist is staging National Magazine Day on Saturday. It's an odd idea, though: The medium may be on the ropes, but magazines are still everywhere.

Magazines' Newsstand Sales Keep Plummeting

The good news, for magazine publishers, is that the earthward plummet in newsstand sales has finally started to moderate. The bad news is that sales are still falling at a vertigo-inducing rate -- just not quite so rapidly as they were a few months ago.

Vanity Fair's Young Hollywood Whitewash

Vanity Fair recently delivered its annual Hollywood issue to howls of protest from around the blogosphere and the analog world. The problem: Of the nine supposedly up-and-coming starlets featured on the fold-out cover, not one is African-American, Asian or Hispanic. The average skin tone on display is as white as the new-fallen snow.

Top Publishers Link Arms in E-Reader Push

Five media companies that spend most of their time in bitter competition with one another are now joining forces in a new venture intended to midwife the arrival of portable digital magazines and newspapers on a mass scale.

Forbes layoffs: 100 staffers axed?

Forbes has been through several waves of layoffs in the past 12 months, but none has come close in severity to the one under way right now. When it's...

What a Time Inc. sale might look like

Pssst...wanna buy the world's biggest magazine publisher? It might be for sale very soon, if investors and analysts are correct in their hunches....

One Year Later: White collar reset

Amid all the Financial Crisis anniversary coverage, many of us will be trying to recall what we were doing this time last year on the week the world...