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What 'Mad Men' Teaches Us About Money

You may not be able to afford the Mad Men lifestyle, but you can learn about money from the last season of this riveting AMC drama about an ad agency.

Can Netflix Give 'Mad Men' Another Boost?

Netflix has helped AMC's "Mad Men" draw viewers, and the streaming services faces its final test with the upcoming seventh-season premiere of the advertising drama.

Investing, 'Mad Men' Style

Here's a look at a few great investment opportunities that are holding strong long after their talks with Don Draper's fictional advertising agency.

4 Ways You Can Profit From the Zombie Apocalypse

AMC's "The Walking Dead" is a runaway hit,and its ratings just keep getting bigger. Clearly, America is in a post-apocalyptic mood, as hooked on zombies as we are on vampires. So if you've got the brains, you might want to invest in this undead trend. Here are four stocks to consider before the world ends.

Is ESPN Charging a Tax on Every U.S. Household?

The next time you find yourself bellyaching over your expanding monthly cable bill, don't blame your provider. Blame ESPN, the biggest offender when it comes to basic cable, setting distributors back $4.69 a month for every subscriber.

Fake Mad Men Memoir Is Just the Latest in a Genre

Sounds odd, but a fictionalized book mentioned on a TV show becoming a real book is nothing new for the publishing industry. In fact, tie-ins like Sterling's Gold have proven quite popular. That's because the shows have a built-in fan base that often numbers in the millions.

Mad Men Waiting to Close the Deal on a Fifth Season

Why hasn't "Mad Men" been picked up for another season? Matthew Wiener, the show's creator, isn't sure. All he could say at the star-studded finale screening was that it has something to do with money. Translation: Hey AMC -- pay up! You've got a blockbuster on your hands. This is one deal you want to close.

An Emmy Win: It's More Than Just a Golden Statue

Prestige means a lot in Hollywood. TV companies use a show's Emmy Award to help sell commercial time, and advertisers enjoy the bragging rights of being associated with hot shows. Sometimes, an Emmy can even help a show avoid the ax.

Don Draper, meet Barbie

It may not be the best $74.95 you'll ever spend, but Mattel's "Mad Men" dolls sure have a lot of possibilities for fun. That's the suggested retail...