Budget-Friendly Lodging at Boutique Hotels

When it comes to booking a place to stay on your next vacation, consider a boutique hotel. They can be more affordable than a major chain, if you know where to look.

Investors Are Resting Well With Starwood

Amid some recent profit-taking, Starwood's more bullish adherents say the stock has firepower to spare as the company continues to demonstrate solid leadership. It's one of the world's largest hotel companies and is well-positioned in the hot Chinese and Indian markets.

Four Hotel Stocks You Can Rest Easy With

A surprising pickup in business and vacation travel in recent months has energized the otherwise languid hotel business. Analysts now expect the uptick to continue. Here are four lodging companies that offer investors the best chance of riding the industry's wave.

Undercover Boss: Choice Hotels' CEO Makes the Beds

Undercover Boss starts its second season with a glimpse under the sheets at Choice Hotels, one of the largest hospitality conglomerates in the world. Featuring president and CEO Stephen P. Joyce, the episode will show the tougher side of the hotel business, as top executive scrubs a pool, makes beds, and straightens up a few of the company's estimated 490,000 rooms.

Highland Hospitality Could File for Bankruptcy

Highland Hospitality could file for bankruptcy as economic woes squeeze the hotel industry, The Wall Street Journal reported. Highland Hospitality, which holds 27 hotels, could file as soon as next month, The Wall Street Journal reported without naming its sources. Still, discussions about the move are still at an early stage.

At Luxury Hotels, the Recovery Is in Full Swing

A year ago, high end hotels were suffering from both the recession and a stigma against frivolous spending. But today, bookings have rebounded, the industry is hiring again, and wage hikes are expected.

Finding Comfort at a Reinvigorated Wyndham

After getting beaten down in early 2009, the lodging company's stock has rebounded smartly, thanks to a new focus on the resiliency of certain parts of its businesses. And several analysts think it still has plenty of upside.

Luxury lodgings going for less

As thoughts of recession hang over the heads and wallets of everyone, the upcoming holiday season looks to be one of the slowest for the travel...