location-based services

Meet Broadcastr: Storytelling Goes Social, Local and Viral

Here's a new foundation for a social network app: Storytelling. The just-debuted application called Broadcastr lets people record audio stories tagged to geographical locations. If all goes as planned, its contributors will both create compelling tales and imbue places with new meanings through the voices of strangers.

Motorola Buys Location-Based Software Firm Aloqa

Motorola is snapping up location-based software maker Aloqa as part of its strategy to differentiate its smartphones with the help of software. Aloqa's technology pushes information to smartphone users about events or special offers from merchants near their locations.

Investors Check In for Location-Based Deals

The idea may seem somewhat silly, but location-based services, such as Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt, are likely to be enormous. And investors are racing to get a piece of the action, which will escalate valuations.