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Check Out Who's Checking In at Facebook HQ

Before Facebook goes public next year, it wants to know a little bit more about what you do when you're out in public. The social networking giant is acquiring geo-social app startup Gowalla. Well, technically it's really just acquiring the two founders behind the Austin-based tech firm. Gowalla itself will be euthanized next month

Why Foursquare Is Beating Gowalla: Location

Check-in phenom Foursquare just passed 3 million users, a milestone that cements its growing lead in mobile social networking. But how did it outrace competitor Gowalla, which was born at the same time and with arguably better technology? By having the right real world social networks, of course.

Intel and Nokia's Dream of 3-D on Smartphones

Intel and Nokia are partnering on a lab to explore 3-D technologies, which already are popular in games and movies. The companies believe consumers will want similar vivid imaging and interactive experiences while using their smartphones.

Facebook Buys NextStop for Location-Based Boost

Location-based services have seen rapid growth, with Foursquare the most prominent player. Facebook, wanting a piece of the action, has bought NextStop. The social travel recommendation site's location-based technology and engineering talent will be valuable to Facebook.

Privacy Cop Germany Puts Apple in the Crosshairs

In its latest move to safeguard computer users' rights and burnish its reputation as a global privacy cop, Germany is seeking to dig deeper into Apple's collection of its customers' location-based data.

Apple to Sell Users' Location Data; 3 Million iPads Sold

Under Apple's newly updated privacy policy, the company will collect and use information about its customers' real-time geographic locations to provide stronger location-based services. Meanwhile, Apple announced it has sold 3 million iPads in the 80 days since the device was launched.