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Why Are These CEOs So Overpaid?

The staggering growth of CEO pay might have something to do with executives' control over their own compensation. These are the chairmen/CEOs enjoying the biggest paydays.

The Highest-Paid CEOs in Banking

J.P. Morgan Chase's Jamie Dimon made $18.7 million last year, putting him fourth on the list of highest-paid chiefs in banking. Which CEOs made even more?

Is Goldman Sachs Riskier Than It Wants to Admit?

The Federal Reserve will release the final results of its bank stress tests after Thursday's market close. But preliminary results suggest Goldman could lose $25 billion from bad trades in another financial crisis, more than any other bank tested by the Fed.

Without Taxpayer Aid, Too Big to Fail Banks Would Only Break Even

Today brings what seems like a minor milestone in the big banks' fall from grace: a Bloomberg editorial announcing that Wall Street's largest firms would not be profitable without taxpayer backstops, and calling for an end to the perverse incentives that this arrangement produces.

Pop Quiz: October's Nightmares on Wall Street

In honor of Black Monday 1987 and Black Monday 1929, we bring you the October recession/depression quiz. If you've ever wondered what causes recessions, how we survive them, and how they end, take our quiz and find out!

Goldman Sachs's Great Muppet Caper Comes to an End, For Now

After Greg Smith quit Goldman Sachs in the most public fashion possible -- slamming his employer in the pages of The New York Times -- the firm launched an investigation into his most explosive charge: that employees referred to clients as "muppets" in internal emails.

Holy High Rollers: Blankfein's Latest Run in With Nuns

At Goldman Sachs annual shareholders' meeting on Thursday, CEO Lloyd Blankfein mixed it up a bit with a shareholder representative of the Almighty. And it wasn't the first time he's had a little trouble from the brides of Christ.

Another Ex-Goldman Banker Confesses: Firm Is 'Toxic'

The fallout is still evolving from Greg Smith's public resignation from Goldman Sachs, a firm he called "toxic and destructive," where clients were mocked and their interests sidelined. In a DailyFinance exclusive, we have a response from another ex-employee who backs his claims -- and defends her former colleagues.

Inside Goldman's Earnings Miss

Goldman Sachs reported second quarter earnings of $1.09 billion, or $1.85 per share -- results that are below expectations. While still the most venerable Wall Street Bank, Goldman's quarterly earnings underline a key trait of the investment banking industry: Results can be exceedingly volatile.

This May Be the Best Way to Put CEO Pay in Perspective

To wrap your head around how much someone like Larry Ellison makes, try comparing his compensation to the median income of an American household, $49,777. His 2008 take of $543 million is the equivalent the annual earnings of 10,908 average American families.

FT/Goldman Sachs Book Awards Celebrate Reading in a Digital Age

Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy, by Raghuram G. Rajan, took home the honors at the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs business book of the year award. Keynote speaker Vartan Gregorian delivered a rousing speech in which he called the print vs. digital debate a false choice.

Time for Investors to Lower Their Goldman Expectations?

After eyeballing the firm's revealing second-quarter results, maybe investors should start getting used to the idea that Goldman Sachs will no longer be the invincible Wall Street powerhouse it has been all these many years.

Will Warren Buffett Take Over Goldman Sachs?

As Goldman Sachs gets tangled in more lawsuits and investigations, its situation is looking more and more like that of Salomon Brothers in 1991, when top executives resigned in disgrace and Warren Buffett took over. Could the billionaire investor be getting ready for a repeat performance?

Will the Heat on Lloyd Blankfein Get Unbearable?

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's subpoena of Goldman Sachs for documents has thrust the beleaguered firm back in the spotlight. And now even a bullish top analyst is calling for CEO Lloyd Blankfein's head.

Buffett Could Save Goldman

Questions about whether Goldman Sachs Group chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein can stay in his job are mounting. Could Buffett step in?

Did Lloyd Blankfein Cost His Alma Mater $100 Million?

Goldman Sachs (GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein loves to recount how he rose up from the mean streets of Brooklyn and won a scholarship to Harvard College and then on to its law school. But Blankfein turned around and bit the hand that fed him, to the tune of $500 million when, in February 2007, Harvard found itself on the wrong side of a synthetic CDO bet with Goldman.

Goldman's Blankfein: 'We Certainly Did Not Bet Against Our Clients'

In testimony before a Senate subcommittee Tuesday, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein will defend his firm against SEC charges of fraud involving mortgage-backed securities. Goldman "didn't have a massive short against the housing market and we certainly did not bet against our clients," said Blankfein.

Goldman's 'Unsure' Defense: Is That the Best It Can Do?

Goldman Sachs reportedly plans to claim it was unsure of the mortgage market's direction in 2006 and 2007. How this boosts its legal case against SEC fraud charges is unclear -- but it certainly signals that clients' interests don't come first for the bank.