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Getting Paid in Cash? Don't End Up Like Lindsay Lohan

When you get paid in cash, your income is out of sight from the IRS. But as the sad case of tax scofflaw Lindsey Lohan shows, thinking that you can avoid the tax man is not a smart assumption. And while Lohan's issues are extreme, anyone who primarily does business in cash will face the same ones.

Rehab's Real Tab: The Money Side of Treating Addiction

Singers Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse both checked back into drug rehab in May. The rich and famous, of course, have the means to bounce in and out of pricey addiction-treatment centers, but what's the real cost of rehab for regular folks trying clean up their lives?

Is Charlie Sheen Insurable? His Career May Depend on It

Whether Sheen can resurrect his faltering career may depend on something as mundane as an insurance physical. Hollywood producers won't shoot a frame of film nor a second of video without insurance policies on their cast members in case they can't do their jobs.

Lindsay Lohan Drops Lawsuit Against E-Trade for Baby Ad

Lindsay Lohan settled a $100 million lawsuit against E-Trade Financial Corp (ETFC) for allegedly modeling a "milkaholic" baby girl in an ad after her. The case was withdrawn with prejudice, meaning it cannot be brought again, Reuters said. Details of the settlement were not immediately available.

Lindsay Lohan to open rehab center?

Future jailbird Lindsay Lohan wants to open her own chain of rehab centers so she can help others. Lindsay is currently residing at Pickford Lofts,...

E-Trade: Lindsay Lohan's Suit Is 'Without Merit'

Online brokerage firm E-Trade says a lawsuit filed by Lindsay Lohan over a Super Bowl ad is "without merit." Lohan claims the spot, which refers to "that milkaholic Lindsay," unlawfully uses her likeness and name.

La Lohan: the French are not impressed

Here in the U.S., we've become accustomed to celebrities taking charge of clothing lines. The flimsy pop album was once the go-to vanity project for...