Readers' Tips for Financial Revival, Part 4: Get a Job

The idea that you can't reach financial security without a job is a no-brainer, but in this economy, there's nothing simple about finding work. So even though it's a bit outside the usual "boost your finances" motif, we're passing on some reader suggestions on this topic, too.

Motorola Targets Microsoft With Patent Infringement Suit

In the latest round of a fight between two technology giants, Motorola punched back at Microsoft Wednesday with a patent infringement lawsuit. Its subsidiary, Motorola Mobility, filed 16 infringement claims against the software giant over its Windows mobile software, as well as its PC and server software and Xbox products.

Google and AP Reach New Hosting Agreement

The biggest wire service and the leading search engine have worked out their differences. Google and AP have reached a new licensing deal that will ensure the latter's content will be hosted on Google News for a long time to come.

NFL Loses Court Case Over Logo Licensing Deal

For almost a decade, Reebok has had an exclusive license to sell headwear with NFL team logos, but perhaps not for much longer. A unanimous Supreme Court just ruled that the NFL's 32 teams are not automatically exempt from antitrust rules when it comes to granting merchandising licenses.

Google and the AP Play Hardball

Is Google no longer playing nice with Old Media? The search giant has stopped hosting new stories from the Associated Press, as talks over a new licensing deal flounder. The AP reportedly wants more from the deal, while Google's move seems designed to show the AP what the loss of Google News readership would mean.