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10 Mistakes That Turn Investors Into Their Own Worst Enemies

The hardest part of investing can sometimes be getting out of your own way. Too often, we let emotions guide our investing strategies, with disastrous results. A new study reveals the most common mistakes: We've summed up the popular pitfalls so you can avoid them.

Library of Congress Photos: Fresh Look at the Great Depression

The Library of Congress recently released over 1,600 color photos taken during the final years of the Great Depression. With their unique, vibrant look at the past, they offer a fresh perspective on one of the darkest periods in American history.

Library of Congress Liberates iPhones, E-Books

iPhone and e-Book users may be feeling a bit more liberated, following an announcement Monday that loosens the Digital Millennium Copyright Act provisions. Basically, the ruling means folks can legally disable the restrictive software controls on devices like Apple's iPhone or Amazon's Kindle.