Android Takes the Lead in Smartphone OS Market Share

Handsets based on Google's Android-based handsets accounted for 32.9% of worldwide smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter, compared with Symbian's 30.6% market share, according to a new report from market researcher Canalys. Apple's iOS was a distant third, with 16%.

Android OS Gains in Smartphone Race as All Others Slip

Apple's iPhone operating system software stumbled in the third quarter, losing year-over-year quarterly market share for the first time, as Google's Android mobile operating system pulled further ahead, according to a Gartner Research report released Wednesday.

Motorola Buys Location-Based Software Firm Aloqa

Motorola is snapping up location-based software maker Aloqa as part of its strategy to differentiate its smartphones with the help of software. Aloqa's technology pushes information to smartphone users about events or special offers from merchants near their locations.

Korea's KT Corp Launches New Tablet With Android OS

KT Corp. (KT), South Korea%u2019s largest fixed-line phone operator and second-largest mobile carrier, launched a new tablet computer with the Google Android operating system. The tablet, called the Identity Tab, will sell for KRW300, 000, or $253, each, MarketWatch reported. The tablet will offer wireless Internet connectivity.

Panasonic Unveils 3D Camcorder

Panasonic debuted a 3D consumer camcorder Tuesday, tying its latest device to its growing product line of 3D electronics.The move couldn't come soon enough, as the marketplace for 3D electronics is rapidly growing.

Troubled Phonemaker Sony Ericsson Posts Profit

Sony Ericsson, the "lost" handset company, which has been bleeding market share for the past several years, said its unit sales dropped another 28% in the first quarter, but net income hit $29 million, quite a turnaround from the same quarter last year, when it lost $398 million.

How Consumers Will Take Back the Net in 2010

Thanks to the power of the Internet, it's getting harder for companies to control how we communicate and entertain ourselves. Google's new phone runs an app that enables users to make international calls far cheaper than with any wireless carrier. That's just one sign of growing consumer influence through the Net.

BlackBerry, iPhone Face Off in China

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is the latest handset manufacturer to seal a distribution deal in China. The deal, aimed at consumers and small businesses, pits the smartphone maker against other established offerings, including Apple's iPhone.