Consumer Reports Lifts 'Don't Buy' Rating on Lexus SUV

Consumer Reports has lifted its "Don't Buy" rating on the Lexus GX 460 SUV less than a month after it warned of handling problems, following new tests that showed recall work corrected the problem. The magazine said Friday the vehicle passed its tests after a Lexus dealer updated the car's electronic stability control software.

Toyota Recalls Lexus GX 460 SUV for Rollover Issue

After duplicating the outcome of Consumer Reports tests that showed its Lexus GX 460 sports-utility vehicles may be susceptible to rolling over, Toyota will recall the luxury SUV to fix the potential safety problem, the company announced Monday.

Toyota Will Assess All Its SUVs for Safety Issues

The news of Toyota's SUV safety review comes after road tests conducted by Consumer Reports showed the GX 460 was susceptible to rolling over during accident-avoidance maneuvers. Despite sales and production halts, Toyota says it doesn't have any recall plans at this point.

Consumer Reports Warns: Don't Buy New Lexus SUV

Toyota's long list of woes is getting a little longer: For the first time in nearly a decade, Consumer Reports has issued a "don't buy" warning on a vehicle, the Lexus GX 460. The magazine says handling problems could lead to rollover accidents in the Toyota-made SUV.

Toyota May Recall Prius to Fix Brakes

Toyota is reportedly preparing to recall at least 311,000 2010 Priuses to fix a problem with their brakes. Unlike the mechanical issues which led to the two recent recalls of 8 million Toyotas for unintended acceleration, the problem with the Prius is apparently a software issue.

Toyota Chief Breaks Silence, Apologizes for Recalls

Toyota President Akio Toyoda finally breaks his silence as the Japanese automaker struggles with massive recalls and serious damage to its reputation. At a Friday news conference, Toyoda apologized to customers for recalls involving some of its most popular models.

Toyota Dealers Have That Lonely, Sinking Feeling

The recalls could cost the company tens of millions of dollars, but what about it dealers? Some estimates put their loss as high as $2.5 billion a month. That's a lotta Tundras-full of cash. If the recall and production shutdown drag on for months, it's possible that some dealers may have to close.

Toyota Halts Sales of 8 Models

Toyota said Tuesday it was suspending U.S. sales of eight recalled vehicle models to fix accelerator pedals that stick, the latest quality problem to...