The 'Secret' American Laws You Have to Pay to See

Hiring a lawyer may cost a bundle, but at least it's free to check out the legal code and determine exactly what the law is. Except when it's not: Welcome to the odd and expensive legal realm of codes and standards.

Going Green Is More Than Just Good PR

Going green has long been considered a luxury, something groups and individuals only do when they can afford it. And in our current economic climate, it would seem that almost no one can. But being environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible are not mutually exclusive imperatives, as the following examples show.

New York's Tallest Building Is Now One of Its Greenest

The Empire State Building is perhaps best remembered as the site of King Kong's last stand, but in real life, the monkey on the building's back wasn't a giant gorilla -- it was a giant electricity bill. But that was before one of the most remarkable green renovations ever undertaken.