How Dewey & LeBoeuf Became the Biggest Law Firm Bankruptcy Ever

Dewey & LeBoeuf was one of the world's great law firms, with 1,300 attorneys on five continents and revenues in excess of $900 million a year. This makes its bankruptcy quite simply the largest law-firm failure ever. So how did it manage to go broke?

Should Law Schools Pay Some Students to Drop Out?

Two Yale professors have proposed an interesting solution to the nation's oversupply of lawyers. Have law schools offer tuition refunds to first year students if they quit. The National Association of Law Schools, not surprisingly, rejected the idea.

Signing 'Standard' Agreements Can Bankrupt You

Those "standard" agreements big businesses like to impose on small clients are one-sided deals intended to protect their interests while reducing or eliminating your legal rights altogether. Before you sign on the dotted line, consider this cautionary example.

Lawyers' Carelessness Was Key to the Mortgage Mess

As multiple lawsuits and SEC actions progress in relation to the nation's mortgage mess, it's becoming clear that the misbehaviors of the lawyers involved at all stages were not isolated incidents: The misconduct was systemic, and it's time to start holding those lawyers accountable.

Why a New York Judge Is Throwing Out Foreclosure Cases

On Oct. 20, New York courts ordered attorneys for foreclosing banks to swear they'd personally confirmed that their documents are true and accurate. But a Brooklyn judge has taken things a step further. Since the banks aren't complying, he has started throwing out foreclosure cases.

N.Y. Court: You Still Can't Sue Lawyers for Clients' Fraud

New York's highest court just gave a big gift to accountants, lawyers, and any other outside professional in a position to detect fraud at one of their corporate clients: The court ruled that shareholders still can't sue them for failing to detect the fraud.

Did Lawyers Commit Fraud in the Foreclosure Fiasco?

The so-called robo-signers at banks who signed thousands of foreclosure-related documents without reading them were lying under oath. But even worse were the robo-signing lawyers and their colleagues: They absolutely knew they were committing frauds that could get them disbarred.

Pork Industry Sends Cease and Desist Letter Over Unicorn Meat

The National Pork Board sent a cease and desist letter to a web site that's marketing unicorn meat as 'the new white meat' - a slogan similar to the industry's own. The NPB has made it clear it has some legal prowess, but does it have a sense of humor?

Will Casino Have to Make Good on Slot 'Error'?

While playing the slots at Fortune Valley Casino in Colorado, Louise Chavez thought she had won close to $43 million. But the casino denied her those winnings, saying the slot machine was broken. Does Chavez have a shot at getting her winnings back? Las Vegas lawyers are doubtful.

Latest Legal News: Should Obama Sue Rush for Defamation?

With America's Free Speech rights, libel and defamation cases are hard to win, particularly when the comments' target is a public figure. Nonetheless, it seems Rush Limbaugh may have gone far enough in his attacks on President Obama to meet the tough American standards.

Legal aid for the rest of us

I have a friend, Laurie, from Long Beach, California, who is having tax issues with the IRS. Getting the problem resolved isn't something she can do...