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Grad School Math: Which Degrees Are Worth the Debt

With unemployment high and wages stagnant, now's a rough time to be entering the job market. Historically, when a harsh economy awaits, young people tend to run for cover in grad school. It's a smart strategy -- unless you pick the wrong field of study.

Legal Briefing: Will Big Banks Pay Over Misleading Ratings?

MBIA has sued Merrill Lynch because the CDOs on which Merrill bought insurance from MBIA were AAA-rated junk. MBIA says Merrill knew the CDOs didn't deserve the top rating at the time it insured them. If this case succeeds, big banks may find dud ratings very expensive.

Legal Briefing: The Lehman Repo 105 Lawsuits Begin

An investor has sued the bankrupt company and its former execs for using a financial tactic to present a misleadingly strong picture of the firm's health. The suit is the first in what could be a wave of legal actions.