Intel Will Have to Prove Itself All Over Again in 2011

2010 hasn't been a happy year for Intel. Its stock is up just 2% compared to the Nasdaq's 17% rise, and there's a growing sense that the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets will shrink the market for the PC chips that produce three-quarters of Intel's revenue. But the chip giant has a plan.

Toshiba Recalls 41,000 Laptops for Burn Hazard

Toshiba Corp. is recalling about 41,000 laptop computers because the computers may overheat, causing the area where the A/C adapter connects to the computer to melt and possibly burn.

India Develops $35 'Laptop'

India's Ministry of Human Resource Development says it has developed a $35 computing device and is in the process of finding manufacturers for it....

10 most costly appliances

The average U.S. household will spend about $2,160 this year on home energy, which is $60 less than in 2009, according to the Alliance to Save...

Thinner Is Better: Sleeker Laptops Coming Soon

Chipmakers such as Intel are launching cheaper power-sipping chips that could bring thinner and lighter laptops to the masses. As a result, you can expect to see a larger selection of slender laptops on store shelves this summer.

12 things you shouldn't buy in 2010

Who among us doesn't own a closet full of toys, tools, clothes and electronics that we just had to have, only to find after we made the purchase that...

Low Holiday Inventory Means IOUs Under the Tree

Shoppers looking to buy this season's most popular gifts may end up leaving stores with rain checks instead. Retailers were dead serious about cutting back on inventory to avoid markdowns.

Free Windows 7 upgrades could cost you

If you were one of the thousands of shoppers who purchased a new computer since June 26 and are expecting a free upgrade to Windows 7 you may find...