Tax Tips for the Accidental Landlord

In today's shaky real estate market, more and more homeowners are becoming landlords, both by plan and by necessity. But whether you're renting out your old house, an investment property, or even a single room, being the landlord means tax breaks, and you should take every one you can.

Six Industries That Could Reap a Blizzard of Profits

This season's series of colossal storms have cost millions of dollars for states, municipalities and businesses. But companies in these six industries are finding that the rough winter's snows are a gift from the weatherman.

Plant thief on the loose in Seattle

"Bizarre" skulker(s) in Seattle neighborhoods and city parks have been stealing trees, plants and shrubs, to the tune of thousands of dollars worth...

Beating burglars...on a budget

If there's one major humdinger from AOL Home Improvement Editor Tom Kraeutler's article "Cheap Home Security Tricks", it's this: Keep the Landscaping...