Meet the Only Bidder for Kodak's Photo-Sharing Website

Shutterfly's stalking horse bid should have been low enough to smoke out other potentially buyers of Kodak Gallery -- but no other company thought it could make something of a photo-sharing site that had been largely left for dead.

Kodak: Not Picture-Perfect for Retirees

For investors who plan on retiring soon, Kodak may not be an ideal bet. With declines in the film-based photography market and questionable moves into digital, the photography giant faces tough times ahead.

Kodak Loses Early Ruling in Patent Dispute with Apple and RIM

Kodak has accused Apple and Research in Motion of infringing on one of its digital-imaging patents with the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones. But the International Trade Commission in Washington has ruled against Kodak in a preliminary decision.

Kodak 20% off coupon

Get 20% off almost everything at Kodak.com during their family and friends sale. Use code HOLIDAYS2009, which expires on Sunday, Nov. 22. The...