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How a Google-Backed Startup Aims to Save Energy

Billions of dollars of electricity is wasted annually by inefficient power-conversion systems. But a new company, Transphorm, believes its technology can cut electric bills significantly -- as well as increase mileage for hybrid electric cars and boost the amount of electricity flowing from solar panels.

Is Twitter Worth $3.7 Billion? Not in the Real World

That's the value a $200 million venture investment led by Kleiner Perkins this week implies. But that means Twitter, still lacking a viable business plan, would have a price-to-sales ratio of 840 compared to Facebook's 26 -- or Google's 8.7. And Twitter's growth may be stalling.

Daily Blogwatch: Should Insider Trading Be Legal?

In the biggest Blogwatch ever, some of day's top stories for investors, including how the Beatles on iTunes could have huge significance for the stock market; why insider trading might be difficult to prosecute; and the best IPOs of 2010.

How Shopkick Aims to Kick Off a 'Geo-Retailing' Revolution

Shopkick has generated a lot of buzz recently for its smartphone app that combines location-based features with shopping. Soon, Shopkick hopes, when you walk into any of hundreds of retailers, their app will alert you to deals at that store, and reward you with 'Kickbucks' just for being there.

The Bloom Is Off the Box, and VCs Learn a Painful Lesson

It's barely been a week since a media frenzy marked the public launch of Kleiner Perkins backed Bloom Energy, which makes a mini power plant known as Bloom Box for homes and businesses.Now, it seems the bloom is off the box and venture capitalists should heed the pitfalls of investing in early stage clean energy companies.