junk bonds

Sick of Stocks? Bored with Bonds? Invest in Bob Dylan

Hey Bob Dylan fans: Are you tired of investments that leave you "Tangled Up in Blue"? Well, get ready to stop singing those "Subterranean Homesick Blues": Soon you'll be able to invest in the tambourine man himself.

Ford Gets Its Blue Oval Out of Hock

Dogged by creditors, and deep in debt, Ford had to hock its most famous icon back in 2006, putting it up as security for $23.4 billion in loans. On Tuesday, Ford got it back.

The Junk-Bond Market's Best Days May Be Behind It

As small investors flee the low returns of Treasury bonds, many have piled into high-yield debt -- also known as junk bonds. Problem is, as one pro puts it: "The trade when you could buy anything and make money ended six months ago." Investors need to be far pickier now.

Beware: Credit Markets Are Getting Risky Again

Investors hungry for higher yields are flocking to the credit markets, putting junk-bond issuance on a record-setting pace. And lenders are loosening credit standards, while companies take on debt just because it's cheap. Here we go again?

Fearful Investing Is Hazardous to Your Financial Health

Many investors are taking steps to make themselves feel safer in this uncertain economy: jumping out of stocks, buying bonds, or even dabbling in the high risk end of the pool looking for bigger returns. But that sort of short-term strategy could jeopardizing your retirement.

Legal Briefing: Ratings Agencies Try to Avoid Lawsuits

Now that credit rating agencies can be sued for issuing inflated ratings, they're refusing to allow their ratings to be used to sell bonds. Unfortunately, since some types of bonds are required to have such ratings, those parts of the bond market are shutting down.

Economic Doomsday for 2012? Gold Bugs Shouldn't Get Their Hopes Up

They got a lift just yesterday, when Moody's warned that the the U.S. and Britain are "substantially" closer to losing their triple-A ratings. But too bad for them, it won't come to that. They'll just have to keep watching the Hollywood version of Armageddon, 2012.