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Impact Investing: Making Your Money Count

For some time, investors who wanted to put their money where their morals were have chosen socially responsible investing -- steering their cash away from firms whose practices they disapproved of. Now comes impact investing, which uses invested funds to solve social or environmental goals and earn competitive returns, too.

The Scariest Part of Soaring Oil Prices: Investors' Fears

Friday's market sell-off may have been more about paranoia than about real risk. Some JPMorgan calculations indicate that the potential impact of rising oil prices on the economy may be less than most investors think. But the fear factor itself also can't be overlooked.

Will Banks Start Raising Dividends Soon?

The Federal Reserve may soon start letting some banks boost their dividends again, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal that cites anonymous sources.

CNBC Anchor's Book Is a Fly on the Wall for Lehman's Fall

This week marks the second anniversary of an event that shook the financial industry to its core. In her newly released book, 'The Weekend that Changed Wall Street,' CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo gives an insider's look at the fateful days surrounding the fall of Lehman Brothers.

BAE Systems Puts U.S. Component Unit Up for Sale

British defense company BAE Systems (BAESY) hired two banks to sell its U.S. component manufacturing businesses. The company confirmed Monday that it had hired Wells Fargo (WFC) and JP Morgan (JPM) "to advise on strategic options" regarding its Platform Solutions unit, including a possible sale, Reuters reported.

Bankruptcy Plan for Tribune Collapses

So much for the hope of a relatively quick and painless exit from bankruptcy for Tribune Co. A reorganization plan that would have turned over control of the Chicago-based media conglomerate to lenders including JP Morgan Chase & Co. has reportedly fallen apart after an independent examiner's report led various creditors to reassess the strength of their claims.

Populist Protester Lights the Fuse of Homeowner Rage

The Tea Partiers weren't the only ones out protesting last week: The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America took its case to the Capitol, where members disrupted a congressional committee hearing, surprised a bank CEO, and dramatized the problems faced by "underwater" homeowners.

Will Bad Press Affect Goldman Sachs's Fortunes?

JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs raked in the most fees among Wall Street firms in 2009, but that's where the similarities end. Goldman is reeling from bad press as its dealings with Greece may be probed, while JPMorgan is well-regarded. Will public opinion end up affecting the financial performance of the two firms?

'Fat Cat' Bonuses at Morgan Stanley Despite Dismal Year

To understand why the American public is so enraged at Wall Street's bonus structure, one needn't look further than New York-based Morgan Stanley. Despite a dismal year in 2009, the company paid our record bonuses and salaries.

Earnings Preview: BofA, Wells and Morgan Stanley

Bank of America and Well Fargo are expected to post losses while Morgan Stanley is seen reporting a profit on Wednesday. Less certain is what the newly minted CEOs at BofA and Morgan Stanley are going to tell investors about vision and strategy.

With Loss Expected at Citi, Investors Seek Signs of Turnaround

When it comes to Citigroup these days, the outlook is usually glum. Wall Street expects a loss when the beleaguered global bank reports its fourth-quarter results on Tuesday. What could raise investors' spirits, however, is any sign that the complex bank is starting to get its house in order.

Should banks repay TARP funds?

Last fall, Hank Paulson forced big banks to take funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) -- which has yet to provide an iota of Troubled...

JPMorgan says March was tough

Vikram Pandit, CEO of Citigroup (C) set off a buying spree in bank stocks when he said his company had done well in the first two months in the year....