job training

Employers Win Workers
With Perks, Not Raises

To retain top employees and attract new ones, U.S. companies are increasingly turning to perks such as subsidized training and flexible work conditions rather than raises. These incentives are finding a welcome among employees, too, especially educational benefits.

CEO's Corner: How Goodwill Forges On Amid Hard Times

'Tis the season to remember the less fortunate, and Jim Gibbons, CEO of Goodwill Industries, hopes his nonprofit will be on the receiving end as you make out your charitable giving list. With unemployment still hovering near 10%, his organization is serving more people than ever with aid, inexpensive goods and job training.

Retraining May Be the Best Cure for Unemployment

Most policymakers cling to orthodox levers in an effort to boost employment, but another stream of thought seems to be picking up momentum behind the scenes. It seems the jobs are available but workers with the right skills aren't. Therefore, push retraining as a remedy.

Seniors vs. Teens for Jobs: Oldies Are Winning

Teen joblessness is at the highest level in some 50 years -- and even seniors, who are delaying retirement, hold more jobs than youths, according to federal data. This means more teens are missing out on learning valuable job skills.

Stimulus Funds Can Retrain You for the Post-Recession World

Desperate to help unemployed Americans find new jobs, the government has opened the funding spigot to boost programs at community colleges, career institutes and nonprofits. Billions of dollars in funding mean most courses can be taken for free.