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10 Reasons Why You're Not Feeling Better About the Economy

The Dow is cruising at new highs, 236,000 jobs were created in February, consumer confidence is up, and Americans are feeling secure enough to take on new debt again. But if you're feeling somehow left out of the party, you aren't crazy. Things are still far from golden.

Money Troubles: Who's Hurting the Most in Today's Economy

The sluggish economy has made money tighter across the nation, but, no surprise, the pain isn't being shared equally. A recent survey from Bankrate asked Americans how they're feeling about their finances, and reveals which groups are struggling the most.

Retirement Shocker: 60% of Us Don't Have $25K Saved

Concerns about job security and piles of debt have left American workers more pessimistic about retirement than ever. And many should be concerned: About 60% report total savings and investments of under $25,000 (excluding the value of their home and defined benefit plans.)

Fiscally Fearful? Financial Security Index Dips Again

A new poll from shows that only 17% of Americans feel better off financially than they were a year ago. The Financial Security Index fell from 93.9 to 92.8 in October to its second lowest level this year.

Americans Feel Even More Financially Insecure

According to's latest Financial Security Index, consumers' feelings about their money and job situations reached a new level of despair for 2011 in early August, with the index hitting a low of 92.3, down from 95.6 the month before.