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More Bad Jobs News: Employers Posted Fewer Jobs In July

U.S. employers posted fewer jobs in July than in June, further evidence that hiring may stay weak in the coming months. Job openings fell to a seasonally adjusted 3.67 million, the Labor Department said Tuesday, down from June's 3.72 million job openings.

Good News on Hiring: U.S. Job Openings Rose in May

U.S. employers advertised more jobs in May than April, a hopeful sign after three months of weak hiring. Job openings rose to a seasonally adjusted 3.6 million -- the second-highest level in nearly four years -- the Labor Department said Tuesday.

Readers' Tips for Financial Revival, Part 4: Get a Job

The idea that you can't reach financial security without a job is a no-brainer, but in this economy, there's nothing simple about finding work. So even though it's a bit outside the usual "boost your finances" motif, we're passing on some reader suggestions on this topic, too.

Want a Job? Pack Your Bags

There's no question the United States has a jobs crisis, with an unemployment rate of 9.1% and millions of workers out of a job for more than a year. But a state-by-state view shows that parts of the country are in less dire shape. For today's job seekers, the biggest question may not be if you want a new job, but where are you willing to go to find one?

With Job Openings Falling, Trouble Could Be Coming

Two sets of labor statistics data, released this week, point to a divergence between the job-openings rate and the total number of employees on nonfarm payrolls. And that divergence may well serve as a leading indicator for the labor market as a whole.