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Want to Protect Your Online Privacy? Too Late

Recently, companies have begun to ask potential employees to hand over their Facebook passwords, and the backlash has been loud, widespread and angry. Too bad we hardly have any online privacy left to save.

Advice for a Mom Trying to Reenter the Job Market

Kelly, 51, a mother of five who lives in the Midwest, wants to get back into the workforce after a 20-year absence -- a challenging prospect in today's weak hiring environment. But with the right focus and preparation, she can still transition from stay-at-home mom back to paid employee.

People@Work: How to Job Hunt with Tattoos

With more than 30% of 18- to 45-year-olds sporting tattoos, they're becoming more acceptable to employers overall. But they could still land you in the "No way!" pile for some jobs. Read about when to display and when to hide your body art, and other tips for job-hunting Millennials.

The worst ways to interview for a job

If you're among the 6.3 million long-term unemployed Americans, you've probably been through a fair share of job interviews and know how difficult it...

How to find your next job

It's harder than ever to find a job ... but it still can be done. For Walletpop Radio, I interviewed workplace expert Liz Ryan for some terrific...

Jobless get help with childcare

Some help for the unemployed with children, or at least those in parts of North Carolina, is being offered through a childcare program. The Little...

Do you really want to get that job?

It's amazing to me with all the books and internet resources on careers, resumes, and job interviews, that people still make big errors on a wide...