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Career Risk-Taking Hits a New Low, Thanks to the Still-Weak Economy

Whether it was a fresh startup or a fresh start, fewer Americans seemed willing to take career risks last year, according to a new report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas. The percentage of job-seekers starting their own businesses or relocating for new positions fell to historic lows in 2010.

Job Hunting in a Weak Economy

January's employment report was grim, showing just 36,000 jobs added to the economy. And while everyone is blaming the weather for the poor report,...

Five Social Media Tips for Job-Seekers

Social media has moved beyond our personal lives and into the job hunt -- and not just on business-oriented sites like LinkedIn. Today, you're more likely to find a hot job opportunity on Facebook or Twitter than in the Sunday newspaper. Here are five tips to help you land your next position.

People@Work: These Days, Even Promotions Are Harder to Come By

Fresh data show that the number of promotions given to American workers has dwindled, suggesting that even those with jobs are having a tough time getting ahead. Fewer promotions are "a sign of the lingering impacts of the recession," one expert says.

Job-Seekers Are Getting a Bit More Upbeat

A new survey by job-services firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas found the number of unemployed seeking work similar to what it found in 2009. Now, though, there's more optimism that a job will be found. Challenger agrees, but it notes the path is still long and difficult.

Millions of Unemployed Face a Loss of Benefits

Unemployed Americans are keenly awaiting congressional action on the latest extension of jobless benefits. With a midnight Tuesday deadline looming, some 2 million jobless workers face losing their only source of income in coming weeks.

Fewer CEOs Headed for the Exit in October

The number of chief executive officers leaving their posts in October fell to its lowest level in 18 months, according to a new report released today. The drop seems to show that the volatile job market, at least among corporate chiefs, appears to be stabilizing.

The Growing Mismatch Between Jobs and Skills

In the U.S., 52% of companies report problems attracting critical-skill employees. Some of the hottest jobs over the next 10 to 15 years require tech skills that aren't gained at traditional manufacturing jobs. Here are some strategy's for getting those skills.

Jobless Claims Rise 12,000 to 465,000

Initial jobless claims rose 12,000 to 465,000 in the week ending Sept. 18. The revised figure for the previous week was 453,000. The four-week moving average, a clearer measure of unemployment trends, fell 3,250 to 463,250, the Department of Labor said. The revised average for the previous week was 466,500.

Recession Swells the Ranks of Breadwinner Wives

For married couples of opposite genders, the downturn's inordinate impact on men has resulted in an increasing number of wives becoming the primary breadwinner or returning to the labor market. Surprisingly, many men don't mind at all.

More Signs of an Improving Job Market

A fresh batch of data show that the job market may finally have turned the corner despite last month's uptick in the national unemployment rate to 9.6%. Among them: Fewer initial claims for unemployment and a smallest monthly layoff total since June 2000.

Initial Jobless Claims Rise to Highest Since November

Initial jobless claims rose 12,000 to 500,000 in the week ending Aug. 14. The revised figure for the previous week was 488,000. The four-week moving average, a clearer measure of unemployment trends, rose 8,000 to 482,500, the Department of Labor said in a statement. The revised average for the previous week was 474,500.

Consumer Confidence Hits Five-Month Low

The downward slide in consumer confidence continued in July as the main confidence index fell to a five-month low, providing yet another sign that the U.S. economic recovery may have lost some of its momentum. The big concern for Americans? No, surprise, it's still jobs.

Happiness Coaching: Is it a Positive or a Negative?

A growing list of companies have jumped on the "happiness coaching" bandwagon. To its practitioners, it is a proven method that can lead to changed lives. But to its detractors, its just another gimmick for squeeze more work out of dispirited employees. Buys HotJobs, Unveils New Software

It's been a big week for The job search site will gain thousands of new business customers through its purchase of HotJobs, and it unveiled the latest upgrades to its technology for precisely matching the right jobs seekers with its customers' jobs.

Career-Management Tips for 2010

Though the odds may seem daunting, job seekers shouldn't view finding new employment as an impossible goal, says workplace expert John Challenger, chief executive at employment consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas. "The key to success is to take an active approach and make your own opportunities," he says.