job growth

More Jobs Added Than Expected in August

The U.S. economy lost only 54,000 jobs in August -- less than had been expected -- while the private sector added a greater than predicted 67,000 jobs. Meanwhile, job loss totals for June and July were revised substantially downward.

Economists: Boost Growth Now, Fix Deficit Later

The National Association for Business Economics released its semiannual Economic Policy Survey Sunday, and nearly 60% of respondents said they support the Fed's monetary policies. But only 39% feel the administration's fiscal stance is appropriate, and 75% oppose another stimulus package.

Risky Business: No Easy Policy Options Left for the Fed

As he addresses the nation%u2019s weak economy, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke doesn%u2019t just face the traditional risks of rising inflation or an economic stall, but a polarized, caustic political climate that will make creative solutions even harder to propose, let alone implement.

U.S. Job Market Suffers Another Bruising Month

With nation stuck in job drought -- adding just 71,000 new private sector jobs -- more pressure will be on the Federal Reserve to do what it can to stimulate an economy that's operating well below its potential. One puzzle: How to create jobs in a period of soaring productivity?

Pending Sales for U.S. Homes Fell 2.6% in June

The U.S. housing market suffered another modest setback in June as pending sales of homes fell 2.6%, but less than the 3.7% consensus estimate. Still, pending sales are now 18.6% lower than the June 2009 figure.

What the U.S. Can Learn From Germany's Economic Rebound

Its too soon to say if Europe's sharp economic rebound is sustainable. But juggernauts like Germany are surging ahead on exports and have recouped nearly all the jobs they lost during the downturn, and the U.S. might want to consider taking a lesson from their success.

Job Growth: U.S. Lags Other Big Economies

The U.S. is lagging well behind 11 other major economies in growing jobs, a year into the global recovery, according to new analysis. U.S. employment seems to be weighed down by high consumer debt burdens and a wounded banking system.

June's Jobs Report Could Have Been Even Worse

Overall, 125,000 U.S. jobs were lost last month, primarily due to the Census ending 225,000 temporary positions. Private sector of 83,000 was better than in May, but it's still pretty weak for this point in a recovery.

When Will Real Estate Market Get Back to Normal?

Now that the home buyer tax credit program has expired, job growth and mortgage availability will likely be the key factors determining the rate of existing home sales, which unexpectedly dipped 2.2% in May to a 5.66 million unit pace.

10 best job growth areas in America

Despite a national economic slump, a handful of metro areas offer excellent prospects for both college grads and seasoned job seekers. Jobs may be...

Job Creation: Democrats Have Run Out of Time

Americans will blame the nation's high unemployment rate on the party in power, the Democrats. Since most voters have likely decided who they'll vote for in November's midterm elections, watch out for heavy Dem losses, possible GOP control of Congress -- and gridlock.

Parsing the Mixed Signals on U.S. Jobs

The U.S. unemployment rate unexpectedly dropped to 9.7% in January from 10% in December even though 20,000 more jobs were lost. These confusing stats are likely influenced by the ability or unwillingness of large employers to hire full-time workers. Still, at least some economists think the trends are going in the right direction.

Jobless Rate Falls to 9.7%, but 20,000 Jobs Lost in January

A lower jobless rate is welcome, but Americans will have to wait at least another month to hear unambiguously good news regarding jobs. Economists caution that the rate drop could prove temporary, and the Labor Department now says total job losses for the recession were 8.4 million.

For Democrats, It's Create Jobs or Lose Power

The clock is ticking for Democrats. Obama and his party have just six months to create jobs and lower unemployment, or divided government in Washington is ahead. Failure to improve the jobs outlook by summer means Republicans could return to power in the U.S. House in the November elections.

December Chill: 85,000 Fewer Jobs

The nation's return to job growth will have to wait at least another month, as the world's largest economy unexpectedly lost 85,000 jobs in December. However, the unemployment rate held steady at 10% and the November job total was revised to a gain of 4,000 jobs from a loss of 11,000 jobs, the U.S. Labor Department announced Friday.

For Obama, jobs are first priority

With the crush of media coverage surrounding the AIG (AIG) bonus issue, some may argue that the Obama administration's ability to successfully...