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Ousted Duke CEO Earns Up to $44.4 Million for a Few Hours Work

When Progress Energy agreed to be bought by Duke Energy, it was agreed that its CEO, Bill Johnson, would run the combined company. Instead, Johnson was pushed out by the board -- mere hours after he took over. But don't feel bad for him -- his golden parachute is enormous.

Economists: Boost Growth Now, Fix Deficit Later

The National Association for Business Economics released its semiannual Economic Policy Survey Sunday, and nearly 60% of respondents said they support the Fed's monetary policies. But only 39% feel the administration's fiscal stance is appropriate, and 75% oppose another stimulus package.

The Wall Street Guide to the Apocalypse

Traditionally, doom-and-gloom prognosticators came from the fringes of society. But some of the direst thinkers are now on Wall Street, where fear and foresight have some money men contemplating their escape routes.

Why Singapore Is a Millionaire Magnet

Singapore has the greatest proportion of millionaire households in the world, but why? Credit a better quality of life, a growing economy, family friendly businesses and so much more.

Famed Investor Jim Rogers Says Food Shortages Coming

A severe food shortage is on its way, according to famed investor Jim Rogers. Food inventories are the lowest in decades and "[m]any farmers cannot get loans to buy fertilizer now, even though we have big shortages developing," he said.