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'Mad Money's' Jim Cramer Used to Live Out of His Car

"Rags to riches" tales are a dime a dozen in America, but we were genuinely surprised when Jim Cramer opened up about his brush with homelessness Tuesday. The former hedge fund manager and controversial CNBC host had just graduated from out of Harvard Law when he hit rock bottom.

Cramer Explains: The 3 Troubles With Target-Date Funds

Target-date funds are probably better than defaulting to a money market fund or throwing darts to pick your 401(k) options. But like any heavily hyped investment, these things are flawed. Extremely flawed. Let me count the ways:

Cramer Blames Monday's Market Slide on Europe

Jim Cramer of CNBC's Mad Money, appeared on Today to discuss Monday's stock market slide with Matt Lauer. Asked what Wall Street had really reacted to, Cramer said it wasn't the supercommittee's failure: "It's all Europe," he told Lauer.

IPO's Over: So Now Should You Invest in Groupon?

After Groupon's IPO release on Thursday and its bumpy first day of trading Friday, it's time for ordinary investors to think hard about whether we really want to take the plunge on the coupon company. DailyFinance offers a few expert opinions about whether this daily deal is a winner.

The Return of the Dreaded (and Dreadful) Stock Pickers

Market turbulence and economic uncertainty create fear and anxiety among investors. Unfortunately, many turn to advice freely dispensed by self-styled investment gurus -- who claim they can predict the direction of the markets or pick outperforming stocks.

Jim Cramer: Where to Make Money Now

Major benchmarks have stalled after climbing by double digits during the previous two quarters. So what's an investor to do? Investment guru Jim Cramer has some tips on what you should avoid and where you'll find the best bets in the second quarter.

Buzzword of the Week: Talking in Circles

In business jargon, it seems like round has come back around. We're hearing a resurgence of the defense-minded phrase "circling the wagons," as well as the extremely slippery phrase "circle back," which changes its meaning completely depending on who is saying it.

Short-Term Trading: Is It a Wise Strategy?

On his Mad Money show last week, Jim Cramer encouraged viewers to add short-term trading to their portfolios. But how can an investor determine with certainty when a stock has "flown too high" and when to buy it back?

How to Beat Jim Cramer's Portfolio for Free

Finance expert Dan Solin has a simple gripe with CNBC's Jim Cramer: The "Mad Money" host acts like he has some special insight into the markets that is of value to investors, despite clear evidence that he doesn't. So how can you get better returns than Cramer? Read on.

Jim Cramer, Lenny Dykstra Debacle Leads to Libel Suit

AVT, Inc. has been accused of supplying former Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra with over $250,000 to promote their shares on TheStreet.com and provide access to the site's founder and "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer. Now the company is fighting back.

Media World: How PBS beats cable news

Maybe the public wants serious journalism after all. "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" and its predecessor programs have been part of the PBS line-up...

Jim Cramer freaks out and attacks me!

First, the backstory. I was invited to go on CNBC on Friday to debate the merits of continuing to invest in 401(k) plans. My position is that most...

Does CNBC need a liberal makeover?

CNBC's Rick Santelli and screamin' Jim Cramer are the AIG and Citi Group of TV pundits du jour. Their famous playground fight with American...