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IBM Supercomputer 'Watson' Sweeps Jeopardy Practice Round

Meet Watson, aspiring Jeopardy champ. He%u2019s a black rectangle with a globe avatar, and he absorbed 200 million pages of text to prepare for the game show. Watson is the IBM (IBM) supercomputer sent to do battle with human contestants on Jeopardy. He analyzes the vast amounts of information in his databases to come up with contextual clues that let him understand human language, spotting subtleties like the difference between a dog%u2019s bark and a tree%u2019s bark, CNN reported.

'Jeopardy' to Air Man vs. Machine Challenge

Jeopardy will have an unusual contestant next year - an IBM (IBM) computing system named "Watson." Watson will take on the show%u2019s two most successful contestants, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, in February, according to the show%u2019s website.

Robo Doc: Will Your Next Doctor Be a Robot?

There's a massive doctor shortage coming. One solution: develop artificial intelligence that is as good or better at diagnosis than a real physician. But will patients be willing to trust robot doctors with their health?