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Chinese Internet IPOs: The Case for DangDang

Among the Chinese Internet companies recently listing on U.S. exchanges, online video site Youko and e-tailer DangDang have gotten the most attention. Both present risks for investors, but it seems clear that DangDang's longer-term prospects are based on a sounder footing.

Who's Next on Amazon's Acquisition List?

The rumors that e-tail giant Amazon is looking to buy Quidsi, parent company of, have proven true. But Jeff Bezos isn't likely to stop there, and and could be easy pickings.

Will Amazon Start Charging to 'Look Inside' Books?

One of the key innovations Amazon implemented on its way to becoming the nation's largest online book retailer was to allow its customers to preview snippets of books. Now, a new patent granted to the online giant suggests they may want to start charging customers for the privilege.

Amazon Doesn't Care About Wall Street's Concerns

Investors hammered Amazon over it's underwhelming second-quarter results. That's no biggie for the online retailer, though. When it comes to e-books, despite rising competition, Amazon remains top dog, and it looks very likely to stay that way.

Amazon's Value Is Fading in the Age of Apple

Amazon has been one of the most resilient Internet stocks. But now, with the iPod, iTunes and iPad, Apple is seriously threatening Amazon's key strength -- its control over online sales of media. That's why the tumble in Amazon's stock could mark a turning point.

Amazon Loses First Battle in E-Book War

Macmillan, one of publishing's Big Six, has become the first company to fight Amazon's pricing of e-books. Amazon lost this battle, but it's going to be a long and costly war, with the other five publishers and with Apple, which unveiled its Kindle rival iPad last week.

Walmart to Amazon: You're going down!

The ongoing battle for internet bookselling heated up on Thursday. Walmart (WMT) CEO Raul Vasquez is trash-talking Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos...

Portfolio's best and worst CEOs recently released its list of the world's 20 best and 20 worst CEOs. Taken as a pair, the lists say a lot about American business, but...