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Medical Marijuana Biz Blooms With the 'Walmart of Weed'

WeGrow, a just-opened marijuana superstore in Phoenix, boasts 21,000 square feet of cannabis gardening tools and a "plant whisperer" who makes house calls. It dubs itself the "Walmart of Weed," and hopes its big-box mentality will lure the country's budding legions of medical-marijuana users.

The Immigration Ruling: How Judge Bolton Made Her Calls

In short, she found that federal law trumps the struck-down parts of Arizona's law because they imposed burdens on legal immigrants that only the federal government can impose, and because the law would force the U.S. government to reallocate resources away from its priorities, something states can't do.

Legal Briefing: Transocean's Ineffective Move to Slow Litigation

Accused Gulf oil spill villain Transocean recently invoked an 1851 law to try to limit its liability in the disaster. A U.S. District Court has ruled that the statute's damage cap doesn't apply, but the settlement of personal injury and wrongful death claims will be slowed down by the maneuver.