Can Steve Jobs Save Old Media?

Steve Jobs plans to bring new hope to old media with his tablet device. The company is already a dominant force in digital music because of its iTunes business and is now in talks with major newspaper companies and textbook firms.

Why the iPhone needs competition

Traditionally, when you went to purchase a cell phone you had a few features to compare but it all boiled down to the price of the phone, price of...

Are Digital Singles a One-Hit Wonder?

Is the hit single back? Consumers, propelled by the ease of buying digital songs piecemeal, have increasingly decided that the single unit of music is their unit of choice.

Amazon Leaks Lil Wayne Album Two Months Too Soon

The release of rapper Lil Wayne's upcoming rock album, Rebirth, was pushed back last week (for the sixth time) to February 1. But 500 lucky Amazon (AMZN) customers got the surprise stocking stuffer in the mail this week.

A More Formidable iTunes?

The Lala purchase and an iTunes overhaul could tighten Apple's already dominant stranglehold on the music industry's digital-downloading segment. Apple may see a fundamental shift in technology, and it's trying to get out in front.

Apple will patch iPhone security hole

Apple (AAPL) will issue a software patch for its iPhone as early as Saturday. British network operator 02 told BBC News that the software patch...