Apple's Ping Ain't Got That Swing

The centerpiece of Apple's recent product announcements was its new music social network Ping. The core technology from Ping appears to be have been built by the team from, the music streaming startup that Apple acquired in January 2009. But without the streaming music model, Ping is half the service Lala used to be. It's not a bad product, it's just not terribly transformative.

Facebook Puts Apple in a Pinch Over Ping

Facebook is blocking Apple iTunes users from using the new Ping network, which is built on Facebook. Seems Apple is using some of Facebook's freely available programming technology, rather than entering into a contractual relationship with the social network giant.

Apple Unveils Tiny New TV Device

At a much-anticipated event Wednesday, Apple announced an overhaul to its Apple TV device and video rental pricing plan. The size of a hockey puck, the new Apple TV box is designed to allow users to stream TV shows and movies withe greater ease and at a lower price. Steve Jobs also discussed new features for Apple's iPods, and a new social network connected to iTunes. (Video from Sam Gustin.)

California Company Settles Charges of False iTunes Reviews

How much faith can you put in online reviews? A recent settlement suggests you may have reason to be wary. A California marketing company settled charges that it engaged in deceptive advertising by getting its employees to write favorable reviews of clients%u2019 games on the Apple (AAPL) iTunes Store, The New York Times reported. The reviews did not mention that the authors were being paid to write approving comments.

Apple May Unveil New Line of iPods Next Month

Apple Inc (AAPL) may introduce a new line of iPods at an event on Sept. 1. In recent years, the technology giant has used September events to unveil a new iPod in time for the holiday spending spree, Reuters reported. It frequently showcases new features for its iTunes online media store in September as well.

Beatles Won't Be on iTunes in Near Future - Yoko Ono

The music of the Beatles won%u2019t be on iTunes or other Internet outlets in the near future, according to John Lennon%u2019s widow Yoko Ono. Apple Corps, the Beatles%u2019 holding company, has not managed to agree on terms with EMI Group, the company that licenses the group%u2019s recordings, Reuters reported.

The Lowly iPod Keeps on Rolling for Apple

The iPod, first introduced in 2001, has been overshadowed in recent years by the iPad and iPhone. But it was the foundation of Apple's revived success and the cornerstone of CEO Steve Jobs's creative vision for the company.

Google to Join Bing in Music Download Business

Google apparently envies the program that Microsoft's Bing has set up to market music downloads. The Internet search leader now plans to offer its own service by year-end. And that raises some interesting questions.

Amazon's Value Is Fading in the Age of Apple

Amazon has been one of the most resilient Internet stocks. But now, with the iPod, iTunes and iPad, Apple is seriously threatening Amazon's key strength -- its control over online sales of media. That's why the tumble in Amazon's stock could mark a turning point.

iPhone OS 4 review: Don't be afraid

While nothing could be as obnoxious as the Microsoft mantra -- you know, "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" -- I...

ABCs of Antitrust: Why Apple Should Study Intel

You might think that Intel's antitrust woes, which began with a complaint from rival AMD in 2005 and continue to this day, would have taught companies to be cautious about potentially exclusionary conduct. Is Apple doomed to repeat the lesson?

10 free MP3 downloads via Starbucks

Starbucks is pushing frappuccinos - hard. First it was the 50% off frappe happy hour deal, then Barnes & Noble released a buy-one-get-one-free...

Growth Matters: Watch Out iTunes, HMV Is Coming Back

U.K. entertainment retailer HMV has seen its shares fall 40% in the last year. But with growing market share, recent acquisitions and a plan to cut costs, the company has used the recession to launch a turnaround. Will the growth make HMV a buy?

Did ABC Sell Out 'Modern Family' for iPad App?

ABC's Modern Family drew the ire of critics and fans when it jumped on the iPad bandwagon with an episode featuring character Phil Dunphy desperately trying to get his hands on one of the tablets. The funny thing is Apple didn't pay a thing for the product placement.

Sony's New Devices Take Aim at Apple

Remember when Sony was the king of the consumer electronics hill, and the Walkman was the iconic product? Well, the Japanese giant wants its crown back, and it's bringing the fight to Apple with new products intended to go head to head with the iPod, iPhone, iTunes and iPad.