Luxury Retailer Prada Considers Hong Kong IPO

Italian fashion label Prada is considering an IPO with primary listing in Hong Kong, rather than home-base Milan, accroding to reports. The luxury apparel and accessory company has scrapped four previous attempts at an IPO in the past 10 years, but now the time could be right.

Daimler Denies Offer for Fiat Industrial Unit

Daimler AG (DDAIF) denied that is in talks with Fiat SpA (FIATY) about taking over the Italian carmaker%u2019s industrial operations. "There are no talks on this with Fiat," Daimler spokesman Florian Martens told Bloomberg News. "In our industry at this time, everyone is talking with everyone and so are we."

Ferrari Recalling More Than 1,000 Supercars After Reports of Fire

Ferrari is recalling more than 1,000 of its 458 Italia supercars after reports of fires. Following reports of fires in locations from Paris to China, Ferrari has determined that the problem is caused by an adhesive used in the wheel-arch assemblies, Reuters reported.

Europe's Debt Crisis: Here We Go Again?

Europe's shakiest economies managed to ride out a sovereign debt crisis this spring with a lot of help from their more stable neighbors and the major central banks. But with global recovery faltering, the data coming out of Europe suggests we may soon see a replay of the debt default crisis.

No More Oil Spills: The Fight Against Drilling in Italy

The effects of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico have reached all the way to Italy, where many oil companies have obtained permits to drill for oil beneath the Adriatic Sea and in rural areas famous for their farms and vineyards. DailyFinance takes a look at the growing protests there, and the efforts of the "Erin Brokovich of Abruzzo" to keep the oil industry at bay.

GE Backs Away From CEO Comments Criticizing Obama

General Electric Co. (GE) backtracked from comments reportedly made by CEO Jeffrey Immelt in which he criticized President Barack Obama and Chinese trade policy. In an article in the Financial Times, Immelt was reported as saying that Obama and U.S. business had a hostile relationship.

Italy Convicts Google Execs of Privacy Violations

An Italian judge convicted three Google executives of privacy violations over a 2006 video depicting a child with Down Syndrome being bullied. What's more, the search giant was also facing antitrust scrutiny from European Union regulators over complaints leveled by three European Internet companies.