Clean-Tech Investments Surge, With Solar in Lead

Global clean-tech venture investments rose 43% to $2 billion in the second quarter and hit a high for the first half of this year. Solar and biofuel startups garnered the biggest funding, and the IPO market for clean-tech was much hotter in China than the U.S.

Gyroscope Chip-Maker InvenSense Goes for an IPO

The cool technology that allows your iPhone or Wii controller to sense how you're moving it is a gyroscopic chip, and as the market for such motion-controlled devices grows, so do the prospects of gyroscopic chip makers like InvenSense, which just announced plans for an IPO.

Stumbling Venture Capital Harms Startups

A lot more money could be flowing to promising startups. But it's not because some investors are disgruntled about VC's high risk, low returns, and scarcity of ways to cash out. And in the absence of a new wave of big tech innovation, investors have little incentive to part with their cash.

Cyber-Security Specialist KEYW Files for an IPO

Cyber-security firm KEYW has filed for an IPO. The offering could raise as much as $100 million. While much about the company must remain confidential, founder Leonard Moodispaw, formerly of the U.S. National Security Agency, seems to inspire investors to take a leap of faith.

Despite a Mobile Boom, Motricity's IPO Gets Investor Static

Consumers are snapping up smart phones like the iPhone 4 and various Android handsets. But the enthusiasm didn't reach Motricity's IPO. A top mobile data player, the company has a robust growth outlook, despite investors' tepid response.

The Tesla Effect: What's Charging Up This Electric Car

Tesla Motors IPO announcement has attracted many skeptics. But take a look at how Tesla's sleek sports car has fired up the imagination of Silicon Valley's wealthy. This excitement bodes very well for the electric-car maker's success.

LPL Financial Preps for a $600 Million Initial Public Offering

LPL Financial Services, the largest independent brokerage firm, has filed for an initial public offering to raise as much as $600 million, joining several other companies in the IPO market, including HCA, Toys "R" Us, NXP Semiconductors and Nielsen Holdings.

Niska Gas Could Burn Brightly, Despite Weak Debut

Niska Gas Storage Partners LLC (NKA), the first U.S. IPO since the market plunge last week, had a rocky debut, with shares falling 6.8% on the first day of trading. But given the strength of the company, the current valuation looks attractive.

Amid Market Turmoil, HCA Files for a $4.6 Billion IPO

HCA, the largest hospital operator in the U.S., has many strengths, and its IPO would be the largest private-equity-backed offering since the start of the financial crisis. But will the market's recent volatility make things challenging for the IPO?

Apollo Joins the Private Equity IPO Rush

Apollo Global Management has made an SEC filing for a $50 million IPO. Currently, the firm trades on the private marketplace of Goldman Sachs, which is called the GSTrUE system. These shares will now be registered for sale in the public markets.

What's Behind Blackstone's Recent IPO Meltdown

Back in October, the Blackstone Group's (BX) CEO, Stephen Schwarzman, declared that "at least for private equity, the worst is behind the industry" and indicated that his firm was poised to take eight companies public. This was certainly good news for his investors, who eventually want to see returns.

As Silicon Valley Falters, China Tech IPOs on the Rise

For the last few decades, the American economy has been fueled by technology start-ups. But with Silicon Valley venture investing down 37% in the last year, that trend seems to have lost some of its vigor. You have to hand it to American investment bankers, though. For the last few years, Wall Street has gone to China in search of companies to take public on U.S. exchanges. Since 2005, Chinese companies have raised $210 billion in global IPOs, 14% more than U.S. companies. China leads the way in U.S. IPOs -- in 2009, 11 of the 14 foreign IPOs on United States exchanges were of mainland Chinese companies.

Casino IPOs: A new sin index

For many years, analysts have run sin indexes. Some had to do with the consumption of liquor, and others with cigarettes. It was always hard to tell...

OpenTable: Blodget's analysis flawed

In a recent post about OpenTable's recent IPO, BusinessInsider CEO and former sell-side analyst Henry Blodget takes a straight valuation approach to...