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AT&T Dials In a Strong Third Quarter for Sales

AT&T posted strong third-quarter sales on the back of iPhone 4 transactions, exceeding Wall Street's revenue expectations and hitting its mark for earnings. The telecom said it activated 5.2 million iPhones during the period, the most in a quarter yet.

Apple Takes a Bite Out of $300

Shares of the consumer electronics company crossed the $300 mark for the first time ever Wednesday. And with sales of iPhone 4s and iPads still holding steady, there could be more room to grow.

With the iPhone 4, China Finally Goes Wild for Apple

When Apple first entered China with its wildly popular iPhone, the response was warm but not overly so. The iPhone 4, however, is off to a gangbuster start. If Apple can keep tapping China's potential, fervent shareholders could become even more bullish.

Apple's Top iPhone Hardware Executive Exits

Mark Papermaster, Apple's senior executive for iPhone hardware, has left the company, leaving behind a firestorm of controversy surrounding the iPhone 4 and its antenna problems, and the resultant complaints about reception.

White iPhone 4 Won't Be Ready Until Later This Year

Apple (AAPL) says the iPhone 4 won%u2019t be available in white until later this year. The product is proving "more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected," Apple said today in a statement.

Rivals to Steve Jobs: No Antenna Problems Here

Research In Motion wasn't thrilled when Apple CEO Steve Jobs claimed the iPhone 4's antenna problem is common throughout the industry, including on the BlackBerry, and called Apple's actions "unacceptable." Nokia and HTC aren't amused either.

The Fix Is In: iPhone 4 Users to Get Free Cases

Apple CEO Steve Jobs says iPhone 4 users will get a free protective case through Sept. 30 as a fix for poor reception problems, according to comments Jobs made Friday during a press and analyst briefing at the company headquarters and covered via a live blog post at Engadget.

Antenna Woes Won't Speed Up New iPhone Release

Despite a firestorm of complaints about the iPhone 4's antenna problems, experts say Apple will likely stick to its usual schedule for releasing new iPhone versions. Instead, a fix for the iPhone 4's defect may be incorporated in the device's new production run.

Apple's BP Moment: Will Steve Jobs Stop the iPhone Damage?

Apple has hurriedly called a press conference Friday to address the iPhone 4's antenna problems. But Jobs & Co. may have a BP problem -- it urgently needs to address the phone's defect candidly and restore its customers' confidence.

Apple Antenna Expert Predicted iPhone 4 Problem

Apple CEO Steve Jobs received a heads-up warning from the company's senior antenna expert early in the planning process that using a bezel antenna design on the iPhone 4 could lead to exactly the reception problems that now plague the smartphone.

Apple to Hold iPhone Press Conference Friday

Apple (AAPL) will hold a press conference at 10 AM Pacific time on Friday. It is presumed that the event will address reports of problems with weak signals and dropped calls from its new iPhone 4.

Consumer Reports' Slap Stings Apple -- and Boosts Google

The magazine's stinging rebuke over the iPhone's antenna problems ultimately may not deter too many Apple afficianados from buying, but the biggest beneficiary will be Google. It seems that its Android operating system is gaining momentum every day.

Apple: It's the Software, Not the Antenna

Apple Inc. (AAPL) said it is "stunned" to discover iPhones use a "completely wrong" formula to display signal strength, The Associated Press reported. Many users of the new iPhone 4 have complained that the signal strength drops dramatically if the phone is held in a certain way. Many users of the new iPhone 4 have complained that the signal strength drops dramatically if the phone is held in a certain way.

Gyroscope Chip-Maker InvenSense Goes for an IPO

The cool technology that allows your iPhone or Wii controller to sense how you're moving it is a gyroscopic chip, and as the market for such motion-controlled devices grows, so do the prospects of gyroscopic chip makers like InvenSense, which just announced plans for an IPO.

iPhone 4 Owners Sue Apple Over Reception Snafus

It took just one week for the wrath of Apple's new iPhone 4 owners to translate into legal action: Two separate lawsuits were filed Wednesday over the newly released smartphone's reception problems, according to a Bloomberg report.

The Coming Boom in Videoconferencing Technology

The concept of the videophone is nearly as old as the phone itself, and prototypes predate the Beatles by many decades. But while other new modes of communication, from email to instant messaging to cell phones have been adopted at astonishing rates, video has lagged -- until now.