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Learning Mathanese: How to Calculate Working Capital

Working capital is like a bank account. Companies with more working capital are stronger than their peers because they have more resources to fund growth. In this, part three in a a continuing series spotlighting the major computations found here at AOL DailyFinance, we show you how to calculate working capital.

How to Calculate Market Cap and Enterprise Value

Despite how difficult and intimidating professional money managers and Wall Street talking heads make it seem, math for investing is material that most 10-year-olds have learned upon graduating fifth grade. Let's consider two key metrics that you'll want to consider before buying shares of any company.

Learning Mathanese: How to Calculate the P/E Ratio

Math: the four-letter word you can say on TV yet so reviled that people go great lengths to avoid it, even when they know doing so puts their financial well-being in peril. Wait! Don't click away. Today brings part two in a continuing series that spotlights the major computations found here at DailyFinance. This time, it's all about the P/E ratio.