internet sales tax

Amazon's World Takeover -- By the Numbers

Amazon plays by its own rules -- and the online retail giant usually wins. Check out this infographic by blogger FrugalDad that gives you a peek at who you're paying when you opt for the Free SuperSaver Shipping.

Amazon Offers Texas a Big Deal to Delay Sales Tax Law

Amazon has offered a $300 million investment and the promise of 5,000 jobs in the state of Texas in exchange for a reprieve on collecting sales tax on purchases made by Texans. It's just one of many similar deals being offered by the e-commerce giant, and Texas is said to be considering it.

States, E-Tailers Clash Over Sales Tax

is your state considering imposing an Internet sales tax? Faced with staggering budget deficits, many states are proposing legislation that will force out-of-state retailers to collect state sales tax from online shoppers.

Amazon Fights North Carolina Over Sales Tax

Ka-ching! Shopping over the Internet may soon cost North Carolinians more if e-retailers agree to an Internet sales tax amnesty program. The plan would allow online retailers to avoid paying past sales taxes, provided they agree to start collecting them in the future.